"Pastor will be back next month... ".

Saturday, 11th February 2023. Online seminar from 3-4pm (german time) 4-5pm (RSA time). This online seminar will be held in English only.

2023 bietet das ELM eine online-Seminarreihe an, die sich mit der Zukunftsfähigkeit von Kirchen international beschäftigt. Diese Seminare zielen auf einen multilateralen Austausch zwischen Kirchenmitgliedern aus verschiedenen Ländern, die ihre jeweiligen Fragen und Erfahrungen einbringen. Die Konferenzsprache ist englisch.

How can 'being church' succeed without the reliable presence of pastors on site? How can we achieve the "priesthood of all believers"?

In times when less pastors are available, more and more congregations are merging and the remaining pastors are often responsible for several congregations, the question arises how dominant the meaning of the pastor is for the life of the community. Without a pastor there is no worship service! This centrality, set in stone, seems to no longer exist for example in most congregations in ELCSA/South Africa. Nevertheless, the church there is very lively.

Perhaps it is worth taking a look at other (partner) churches to broaden the view?

In this online seminar we share experiences, biblical insights and “future proof” visions. What’s the role of volunteers in our churches? What kind of role of the pastor favors or hinders the "priesthood of all believers"? How can a treasure be salvaged from a perceived lack: the gifts of each member of the congregation are valuable and indispensable.


Ms Lungisile Khumalo is working as the CFO (Chief Finance Officer) at uShaka Marine Park/ EThekwini Municipality.
In church she is a lay preacher in the Seaview Congregation of Durban Central Parish as well as a treasurer of the Prayer Women’s League of St. Michael’s as well as on the Durban Central Parish level.

Mr Ntokozo Khoza is currently working for eThekwini Municipality as the Manager for Road Safety. In church he is the Chairperson of St Michael's congregational council as well as the Chairperson of the Durban Central Parish Council.

Mr Ntokozo Khoza and Ms Lungisile Khumalo.
Mr Ntokozo Khoza and Ms Lungisile Khumalo.

This online seminar is part of a three-part series on selected topics of church development in Germany and South Africa, where each part can also be attended separately.

We look forward to a vivid discussion among members of the worldwide church - members like you.

Saturday, 11th February 2023. Online seminar from 3-4pm (german time) 4-5pm (RSA time). This online seminar will be held in English only.

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