"… and then God spoke clearly to me!"

(How) do I talk about my relationship with God? Can I give a testimony? Am I a witness? - Online seminar on 27th January 2024.

Diese ELM-Seminarreihe beschäftigt sich mit der Zukunftsfähigkeit von Kirchen international. Gemeinsam mit Christ*innen aus der internationalen Ökumene machen wir uns auf die Suche nach kreativen und hoffnungsbewegten Lösungen für typische Probleme unserer Kirchengemeinden. Die Konferenzsprache ist Englisch.

This online seminar is part of a series on global ecumenical learning. Different aspects of church life in Germany and South Africa are discussed with the help of short inputs by speakers from both countries. This is followed by a conversation of all participants. We look forward to a vivid discussion with members of the worldwide church - like you.

A worldwide reality, which has become much more prevalent in the past century, is the movement of people internationally around the globe. This poses a challenge to our churches, to welcome people of diverse cultural and spiritual backrounds in their midst and to be transformed by them, in order to remain relevant.

The topic of "giving a testimony" or "being a witness" on one’s faith evokes conflicting emotions. While some see this as a moving chance to share with others, how God had an impact on their life, others respond: "Actions speak louder than words!" and feel uncomfortable when witnessing a spoken testimony of faith.

Is sharing a testimony a culturally-dependant aspect of faith, which is prevalent in certain cultures and absent in others, or is it an element, that is indispensable in every Christians life?

The event will take place via Zoom. The participation link will be sent by email in advance. 

Saturday, 27th January 2024. Online seminar from 3pm (German time) oder 4pm (South African time). This online seminar will be held in English only.

Please register before 12 noon on 25th January.

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