South Africa: Parish work in Mthatha

The South Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (ELCSA-SED) for a long time did not have a fulltime pastor working in Mthatha, the provincial capital of Eastern Cape with about 100.000 inhabitants. Yet there is a growing number of church members moving to Mthatha. The small congregation there meets for Sunday Services in a school room.
Mthatha belongs to the Mt. Fletcher-Parish with its main congregations in Matatiele (about 240 km towards north-east) and Mangolong (about 200 km). Already about 40 years back, ELM-Missionary Dieter Siedersleben organised mission work there. At last, the already pensioned Rev. Mtashana let the work in Mangolong and Matatiele. For years now they pleaded ELM to help with mission personnel.

Even Bishop P. P. Buthelezi spend a significant amount of time during the last two years in Mthatha to "collect" Lutherans in the area, supporting the small congregations and even buying a place to build a church in Mthatha.

With Rev. Maik Schwarz ELM is answering this call. After his isiXhosa-Language Studies he will organise Sunday Services regularly, offer Baptism and Marriage Services as well as helping at funeral services. We would like him also to build a branch of ELCSA-Students Organisation at the Mthatha Campus of Walter-Sisulu-University, being a contact person for spiritual guidance there.

With your donation you are contributing towards the call of Rev. Maik Schwarz and his wife Maisaa Wadi-Schwarz to work in the South African Partner Church, strengthening the parish in Mthatha.

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