International Youth Meeting from 1st until 11th September 2023 in Hanover und Poland


Die Veranstaltung ist eine internationale Jugendbegegnung und wird daher in englischer Sprache durchgeführt. Infos in deutscher Sprache sind zu finden unter

Hope is individual. Basically we all hope for the same. For security, peace, freedom, self determination, love and acceptance. But depending on where we were born, how we live now and what experiences we have had so far, we all understand it differently.
100 young people from all over Europe are invited by the Lutheran church of Poland to participate in an international Youth Camp to exchange their ideas of hope. You can be one of them!
The meeting starts in Hanover. A small group connected to the regional church Hanover will come together and get to know each other. After that the group will travel jointly to the Youth Camp in Poland. In three different cities there you will enjoy an interesting programme which will be organised as well as realised by Polish staff members. The last part takes place in Krakow where also the General Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation will happen, which is a federation of 149 member church bodies in 99 countries.


Order of Events: 1st until 11th September

Zoom Meeting: In the beginning of August to get to know each other for about 2 hours

1st until 4th September: Hanover – Get to know the small group from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover
4th September: Common travel by train to Poland
4th until 11th September: Participation in the International Youth Camp in Poland in three different cities
4th until 5th September: Wroclaw (Breslau)
5th until 9th September: Krzyzowa (Kreisau)
9th until 11th September: Krakow (Krakau)
11th September: Common return journey of the small group of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover to Hanover

Attention: You will travel to Poland as a small group without German guidance. The train tickets are organised and in Wroclaw (Breslau) you will be welcomed and accompanied by the Polish team of the Youth Camp.

Who can attend?

  • Age between 18 and 27 years
  • Communicative skills in English. You don’t have to speak without mistakes! The others usually can't do that either. It is sufficient if you are brave and open enough to take part in English talks.
  • 8 persons from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover

Participation fee

In order to enable everybody to participate there are different participate fees:

International Volunteers (South North Programme) 25,00 EUR
Young people from Partnerships           50,00 EUR
Young people from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hanover    75,00 EUR


In the fees are included:  Board and lodging in multi-bed rooms, various programme and transportation within Poland as well as the train trips to Wroclaw (Breslau) and from Krakow.

The arrival and departure to/from Hanover has to be organised by your own.


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Contact Details:

Franziska Horn (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover)
Phone +49 (0)511 1241-450


Annika Drieschner (ELM)
Phone +49 (0)511 1215-291

& Christoph Kühne (ELM)
Phone +49 (0)511 1215-295

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